By Miners for Miners

iLux is one of the leading companies in the GPU mining manufacturing space. We build some of the best quality GPU miners and provide our customers with a world class service. We have manufactured thousands of GPU miners and know the smallest details about what makes a GPU mining reliable.

iLux offers the best prices for its mining solutions

Our team - best computer technicians with decades of experience


Mining Hosting & Co-location 

Due to our location in Russian Federation, we can offer best conditions to place any mining facilities

Affordable commercial space rent

We provide the most efficient, optimal and affordable co-located hosting opportunity for mining hardware

Affordable electricity

We offer the most competitive kWh rates in the nation, as well as provide adequate power and cooling

Affordable labor

With a combination of more than 8 years experience in the IT industry, we are affordable, professional, capable, and ready to manage, making your move feel effortless

Secure location

Our hosting facility is an interior unit located on secure commercial property

Mining Solutions

iLux provides turnkey mining services and custom packages tailored to clients’ needs

Building mining facility

Our team is capable to assamble any mining facility of any complexity

Equipment sales

Our team supplies with highest market quality equipment

Maintenance and repair

There is no unsolvable task for our specialists, especially when it comes to mining

Work with any clients' request

CryptoMarket is huge, so requests are very different. We try to be flexible and competent to solve any task assigned to us

How does it work

You get in touch starting in what you are interested in​

You sign the agreement we send over to you

We send you an invoice and take payment via bank transfer, BTC or Paypal

We prepare/build/deliver your order within 14-28 business days and direct the hash power of your GPU mining facility to your wallet

Please note that the current minimum investment for our customers is €100,000


Contact us

+41 (41) 5303961
Swiss office
+7 (999) 5650106
Russian office